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V-Ray Station Challenge

Shadow and Light (光与影)


Shadow and Light , always change with each other all the time. They are elusive, but they are also the makers of ” frame”. Whether in real life or in a 3D scene, they are an indispensable part. “Structure creates light,” architect Louis Kahn once said, and light is sometimes a “building material.”
The image of Shadow and Light often seem to convey the story that the creator wants to tell to the world. So how does light resonate with emotion and perception in a scene? We hope that you can tell your own story through ” Shadow and Light”.



1. Based on the theme of the competition, render any picture you want.
2. V-Ray awards should use V-Ray (for any software) for rendering,Vantage awards should use Chaos Vantage for rendering。Photoshop can be used later, but over-compositing will affect performance.
3. The image is submitted in .JPG format, the width is no less than 3000px ,the text interpretation is submitted in .DOC or .DOCX format.
4. The competition language is Simplified Chinese. Recommend to use Chinese and English bilingual annotations.The content of the plate must not show the names, and other unrelated marks or watermarks of the contestants,
otherwise they will be disqualified.
5. Work submission:
Send an email to: vraystation@gmail.com
Email subject: Author name + Teacher name + school + contact information
Email content: necessary text interpretation + final rendering image
6. Participation way:
Participants should be individuals
(Supplement: Contest winners need to send a screenshot of their workflow and V-Ray awards winners need to send valid student certificates to ensure the validity of the award.)
7. For more official competition rules, please click here.

1. 围绕竞赛主题,使用  V-Ray  或者  Vantage  渲染出竞赛作品。2. V-Ray  奖项需使用  V-Ray  进行渲染,Vantage  奖项须使用  Chaos Vantage  进行渲染。可适量进行后期调整。同一场景不同镜头渲染的作品可以参加不同的奖项。但同一镜头的作品不能同时参加两个奖项的评审。
3. 图纸以 .JPG 格式提交,长边像素不小于 3000px。文字解读以 .DOC  或 .DOCX  格式提交(字数不限)。
4. 竞赛语言为简体中文,建议使用中英文双语注释。最终渲染图像中,不得出现参赛者姓名等个人信息及其他无关的任何记号或水印,否则取消参赛资格。
5. 作品提交方式:


邮件主题:作者姓名 + 指导老师 + 学校 + 联系方式

邮件内容:必要的文字解读 + 最终渲染图像





V-Ray 奖项:
Participants are students (including middle school students, junior college students, undergraduate students, graduate students, doctors).

Vantage 奖项:
Anyone can participate.
无限制,所有 Chaos 用户均可参加


V-Ray 奖项:
The judging committee will directly select a grand prize winner through judging, and at the same time select five to ten players to advance to the final. For the finalists, the second and third winners will be selected through the judging committee and the audience, with a weight ratio of 60% of the official and 40% of the audience.
Voting will be launched on VrayStation Wechat public platform on August 10, 2021. For specific voting calculation methods, see the “Official Competition Rules“page 3.4.

Vantage 奖项
The judging committee will select 3 contestants to enter the finals of the Vantage Awards.
For the finalists, a winner will be selected through the jury and the audience, with a weighting ratio of 70% of the official and 30% of the audience.

V-Ray 奖项:
投票将在2021年8月16日,在 VRayStation 官方公众号开启。具体投票计算方式,见官方比赛规则详情页。

Vantage 奖项:
评审委员会将通过评审选择3名参赛者进入 Vantage 奖项的决赛。对于决赛入围者,将通过评审委员会和观众选出一名优胜者,其权重比为官方的70%和观众的30%。











V-Ray 奖项


4000元奖金(人民币)+ 获奖证书
一份 V-Ray 教育版年度授权
100 Chaos Cloud 云渲染信用点数


3000元奖金(人民币)+ 获奖证书
一份 V-Ray 教育版年度订阅授权
50 Chaos Cloud 云渲染信用点数


2000元奖金(人民币)+ 获奖证书
一份 V-Ray 教育版年度授权
50 Chaos Cloud 云渲染信用点数

* 获奖选手需提供真实的个人信息,学信网信息,以便核查。

Vantage 奖项


NVIDIA A4000 专业显卡
一份 V-Ray 商业版年度授权


* 评委按 A-Z 排序

Ana Lyubenova

Product Manager Chaos Group

Ana joined Chaos Group’s V-Ray for Revit team in 2016, where she took various roles. Currently, she is responsible for product management. Ana is also a working architect with over 10 years of experience in Autodesk Revit and BIM.

Dai Wei 戴巍

3D Artist

Dai from 2008 to the present, he has mainly been engaged in the production of games and film and television special effects related industries. Participated in the material and lighting synthesis work of movie projects such as “Legend of Ravaging Dynasties(爵迹)” and “Monster Catching 2(捉妖记2)”. For the material rendering module in the offline rendering of the renderer and the real-time rendering of the game engine, there are very rich work experience in large projects. From the very beginning of the release of V-Ray for Maya, he has been engaged in the creation and free sharing of V-Ray for Maya renderer tutorials, which has affected the generation of V-Ray users on the maya platform. At present, he is engaged in the production and development of 3A games as a TA in Game Science company, focusing on the rendering direction of lighting materials. The spare time in his personal life is also the creation of offline rendering and the free sharing of rendering knowledge for many years.

Emanuele Lecchi

Workflow Designer (RnD) Chaos Group

After 15 years of TV and Film production trotting the globe, Emanuele found a home at Chaos Group. Here, he spends his time researching various topics, creating proofs of concept, benchmarking us and the competition, and generally supporting the team with anything they may need. He’s always impressed by high attention to detail, by resilience in the face of adversity, and by natural talents sharpened over time into exceptional tools.

Han Shilin 韩世麟

3D Specialist Chaos Group

Han is a long-time user of V-Ray for SketchUp and a blog writer based in Tianjin, China. He has been sharing his experiences along with best-practice tips and tricks for V-Ray for SketchUp since 2012. He regularly updates his Bilibili channel with video tutorials and has over 60,000 subscribers following his lessons. Han joined Chaos Group in 2019 where he continues to share his knowledge and information about V-Ray with Chinese users.

Ivo Garcia

V-Ray Mentor

Ivo holds a master’s degree in Architecture and a post-graduate degree in Digital Architecture and is a professor of Visualization at the University of ESMAD and an external teacher at ESBAP. Keen to pass on his knowledge of arch viz through courses for 3ds Max, V-Ray, Photoshop and Unreal, he founded his own 3D and multimedia company, 3D Hiper Realismo.

Jin Yunshui 金云水

Deputy Director, Media Experiments and Teaching Centre
Tongji University

Jin Yunshui is the Deputy Director of the Media Experiments and Practices Teaching Centre and a lecturer in Animation at Tongji University. He is dedicated to the research and creation of 3D animation and digital entertainment. In the past ten years, he has created art works in the fields of VR, AR, installation and 3D animation, winning numerous awards at home and abroad, including Best Creative Award at the 2015 Shanghai International Science and Art Exhibition, 1st Prize in the 5th National University Art Exhibition, Best Domestic Student Animation at the 11th Sichuan TV Festival “Golden Panda” Awards, Excellence Award at the 20th China International Industry Fair, The Opening Film of the 6th Jena Fulldome Festival, etc. He also published dozens of peer-reviewed papers and books. His research areas mainly include the following directions: serious games, augmented reality, virtual reality, 3D visualisation, 3D animation, and human-computer interaction.

Marwa El-Hatw

V-Ray Mentor

Marwa holds a Masters degree in architectural theory, works as a part-time teaching assistant and she’s founded his own company — Dot Line Designs. She also runs the Archub Educational Center to pass on her knowledge of architectural visualization through workshops in SketchUp, 3ds Max, V-Ray, and Photoshop.

Xiao Wantao 肖万涛

SuBlog.net (紫天中文网) Founder

Wantao Xiao is website founder of ”紫天SketchUp中文网“ (www.SuBlog.net) which is very popular among Chinese SketchUp users.The website mainly focus on introducing SketchUp plugins. The site visiters are more than 7000 people every day. Currently, He is helping resell Twinmotion, Enscape, Skatter, Thea Render, Profile Builder etc… more than 40 SketchUp powerful plugins. And He also running a We-media account “紫天SketchUp中文网“. It has over 110,000 followers. Most of the followers are engaged in architectural design, interior design, landscape design and Uban design. He shared experience and skills through the media platform to help SketchUp users improve their work efficiency.

Zornitsa Simeonova

Education Manager,Chaos Group

Zornitsa joined Chaos in 2006, beginning in customer support and then leading the Inside Sales team. In 2019, she joined the Education team to help academic customers and partners support new CG artists and architects. Zornitsa loves cooking, hiking, snorkeling, snowboarding and being in the mountains or at the seaside with her family.

Zhao Shusen 赵树森

V-Ray Mentor

Shusen is a V-Ray Mentor in China mainland who graduated in architecture and now focuses on architectural visualization. Shusen Zhao has extensive experience in V-Ray and is constantly excited about learning and staying up to date with the latest technology — as well as teaching everything he knows to others.


Artist: 王商羽(Shuiguo_s)
V-Ray Station Challenge 2020 冠军
Topic: Your source of inspiration

V-Ray Station Challenge 2020 亚军
Topic: Your source of inspiration

Artist: 张旭超
V-Ray Station Challenge 2020 季军
Topic: Your source of inspiration

Artist: Isaac Zuren
Public winner of Chaos Group’s Student Rendering Challenge 2018
Topic: What’s Next

Artist: Matteo Morana
Jury winner of Chaos Group’s Student Rendering Challenge 2019
Topic: Undiscovered

Artist: Ivona Alexandrov
Winner of Chaos Group’s THU raffle at Total Chaos 2019. This render depicts the artist’s inspiring experience at THU 2019.





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